WATCH | Tech N9ne Listens To ‘Last Call’ [Video]

Published on December 11th, 2010

You probably already know that Txx Will and Tech N9ne and have collaborated in the past with the Rogue Dog Villians and have also made some wonderful music on their own solo projects. Check out this video of the pair as they rejoin in the studio to review the latest single from Txx Will, “Last Call”. An enthusiastic Tech N9ne can be seen nodding his head in agreeance that this could be the NEXT big hit to be added to Txx Will’s resume. Tech says in the video, “That’s that young Txx Will, nigga!!”

Since this session in the video, Txx Will and the Sticky Icky Ent team have produced a “Last Call” Music Video which also features Tech N9ne and can be viewed here.


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