Txx Will Took The Party From Westport To Olathe

Published on February 8th, 2011

What started out as a night that was supposed to be nice and quiet soon turned into another one of loud music and debauchery for Txx Will and crew. Txx Will spent his weekend bar hopping, starting in Westport and moved on to Olathe, where he ended the evening. Txx Will stopped by the local hot spot O’Shays for a couple drinks and of course, was spotted by fans upon entering the building. Even the guest DJs from B Sharp Entertainment got in on the action and began to play the classic, “Let’s Get Fucked Up”. The O’Shays bar was celebrating their last night at that location (they are moving their establishment across town) so it was definitely a nice surprise and fitting for the occasion to have the Party King himself, artist for the song “Last Call” song, to be in the building for the establishment’s last night at their location. Txx Will admits he got a kick out of the DJs for playing his older radio hit and was surprised that the DJs were already up on “Last Call” and the DJs told Txx Will that they play that during each of their DJ sets! After putting down a couple drinks, it was time to move the party elsewhere, and onto the next spot.
By the end of the night, Txx Will found himself and his homies taking shots with the owner, JR, at JR’s Place located by the Great Mall of The Great Plains. Again, the DJs paid homage to the local star and began putting “Let’s Get Fucked Up” AND “Last Call” in rotation. Txx Will appreciates all the fans who came up to himĀ  for the photo requests and summed up the night:

“It was great to see the positive feedback so early in the promotional stage (for Maximum Volume album).”

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