Txx Will Keeps it Clean for a Sweet 16 Party

Published on June 7th, 2011

Turning 16 years old is certainly an event to remember for everyone, but for Rykel Jackson of Kansas City, she was in for a special surprise once  she showed up to her party at the Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City.  Txx Will made a special appearance at the party and greeted all her friends and family which made for a memorable occasion that will not soon be forgotten.  The kids were extremely excited  to see Txx Will.  Throughout the evening the kids stayed active and they were all doing what kids do when they’re all excited to meet a celebrity: running around, dancing and having fun time.  Equipped with posters, Txx Will and the Sticky Icky Entertainment team handed out several items to the party goers and Txx Will even accepted several requests for photos and autographs.  The video below shows some of the highlights from the event.

When asked about why he chose to commit to this event, Txx Will said, ” (I’m) Looking to work with charitable organizations that are involved with youth.  It’s not a  problem to take a little time out of my day to help with a organizations like the Boys and Girls club.”

If you would like Txx Will to make an appearance at your event, email sticky@stickyickyent.com.


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