Txx Will Is Back On The Radio

Published on January 26th, 2011

Even with the heavy snow and slick roads causing slow traffic throughout the city, Txx Will and Sticky made their way up to Hot 103.3 Jamz radio station to start working on their promotional campaign for Maximum Volume.  This trip was the first time Txx Will had been to the radio station in a while, recalling the last time they were there, Txx Will was helping to promote his latest release with the Rogue Dog Villians.  The weather was so bad that day, the radio station sent most of their employees home, though that didn’t stop Hot 103.3 Jamz employee Langston Parker from opening the door when Txx Will and Sticky arrived at the building.  Though a little more quiet than usual, the building looked the same as it did since the last time Txx Will was there.  After chopping it up and signing some contracts, Txx Will walked out satisfied with the deal they had agreed to and he’s looking forward to hearing his name on the radio again.

When asked about the radio station’s level of service, Txx Will replied:

“Nobody beats those guys up there man.  There service is tops.”

Have you heard the new singles and commercials on the radio station?  Have you been through a similar situation?  Post your thoughts in the comments below!



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