Txx Will In Rotation On 90.1 Radio Station

Published on May 22nd, 2011

Txx Will is now getting rotation on KKFI 90.1 FM and if you tuned into 90.1 last Friday (Friday the 13th), that really was Txx Will’s hit new single “Last Call” playing on the radio.  DJ Kool Wayne is the one to thank for this monumental occasion and in case you missed it, you will hear the single “Last Call” being played a lot more in the weeks to come on the radio station.  For the next several weeks, “Last Call” will be played numerous times from 12pm-4pm, spreading across eight cities and you’ll probably be able to tune-in in the town nearest to you.   The show airs in 8 cities every Friday at 8pm.  When asked about how it feels to get another hit single of his played on the radio, Txx Will said, ““It feels good to see the hard work starting to pay off.”  And that it is.  Get ready America, Txx Will is back!

You can tune-in to DJ Kool Wayne’s radio show every Friday at 4pm CST.  Tune-in.  Especially if you live close to these cities:

Tuskaloosa, Iowa, Houston, Omaha, Talahasse, Tuskegee, Samuari FM (Japan) and Blak out Radio (Sweden)

Yes, that’s Japan and Sweden, too.  With TxxWill-Mania sweeping the nation, we ask, ‘Is the world ready for Txx Will’?  Only time will tell.

Follow the homie DJ Kool Wayne (twitter.com/koolwayne) and let him know what you think about Txx Will’s latest single, “Last Call”!


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