Txx Will – I Couldn’t Have Done It Alone

Published on January 16th, 2012

In 2011 my music career really started to take off in the right direction, but I could not have done it alone. There were several people that took part in helping me obtain my goals. These people do their work in the background and often times do not receive the proper acknowledgement or credit they deserve. Even though we have just begun and I have a long way to go. I would like to take this time to acknowledge as well as say thank you to the people that helped me get to where I am. First of all I would like to thank god for allowing me to exist and for bringing these people into my life. Bryan Singleton the CEO of Sticky Icky Entertainment, for believing in me enough to invest in my projects, thanks bro. Kilo from Music Man Entertainment, for being down with me from day 1 and always giving me your best with no questions asked. You knew Too Gangsta was a hit before you even sent it to me! The video hit over 106,000 views in just 7 months Thanks for the tracks bro. C.J. Rooney, for setting up my facebook, twitter and my website. Thanks for helpin me get my internet game up. Tech N9ne, for supporting my music, participating in my videos, and being a true friend, thanks bro. Mr Whitebear, for always having my back on everything we do. Last call was a great concept, Thanks bro. Sonia and Terrell, anytime I need additional vocals you guys are number 1 with me. James Williams and the entire Sticky Icky Entertainment staff, let’s show them how its done!


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