Txx Will Attends Party At P&L; Supports WTF

Published on January 24th, 2011

When Txx Will received the text message about a party happening Saturday night, he was in.  The news got even better when he found out that the party was called Beer Bust and was happening at one of  KC’s most popular spots, Shark Bar.

It was only $5 all you can drink.  A small price to pay for a night of  hanging out with friends and good looking ladies.  The event was in efforts to raise money for the KC Tribe team.  The KC Tribe is a Womens Tackle  Football Team.  Yes, a Womens Tackle Football Team, also known as WTF.      Yes,  “WTF” and yes, Womens Tackle Football Team.  And, Yes, there were some hotties there.  More interesting is that Txx Will was there.  Within the Power & Light District in KC, Txx Will was partying it up at the Beer Bust with some of the most aggressive women in the city!  Did he get some?  Well, he wouldn’t go there with it, but he did share something else.

He was drinking Bud Light.  He drank a lot of it that night.  It poured from the keg as long as he can remember.  It was the P&L experience.

While Txx Will was hitting up the bar, the Txx Will Street Team was in full effect hitting the streets.  The fliers practically handed themselves out though as people passing seemed to linger.  It was often the type of scene that makes you think, “Why hasn’t Txx Will dropped anything sooner?”  The presence was felt.  You could tell there’s a buzz whenever suburban white guys (in their 30’s) are  impressing their girlfriends about their knowledge of the 57th St RDVs and rapping to the street teamers the chorus to “Last Call”. Though buzzed, Txx Will does remember conversations with the fans and appreciates those who came up and said hello.

By the end of the night, Txx Will couldn’t help but to smirk at the bartender when she told him that it was  Last Call.  After taking the final gulps, he was ready.  He called his designated driver and then they were on their way.

“I’m glad I brought someone to drive me home that night.  I was too drunk to drive home thats for sure.”

Have you ever been to P&L?  Ever ran into Txx Will out on the town?  What are your favorite party spots in KC?  Post your comments on this article  below!


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