Txx Will Appears in Dalima’s “Money Sound” Video

Published on July 16th, 2012


Dalima And I go way back, even before the days of Da Hooligans. We have always been cool and have a mutual respect for 1 another’s music. We ran into each other recently at a show, which we were both performing at, and we refreshed our contact information. We both agreed that we need to work together sometime in the near future. So when Dalima started shooting a video for his new single “Money Sound”, he hit me up and asked if I would make a cameo in his video. I told him yes, and I am glad I did. The video turned out great and I also got to meet some of his camp like, Luck Kennedy, he’s a really cool cat and lyrically he is a beast! Make sure you check out Dalima’s new video “Money Sound”.




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