Txx Will Afterparty Is Getting Attention In Columbia, MO

Published on March 1st, 2011

Txx Will is going to the Tech N9ne concert in Columbia, MO this Wednesday evening and the after party for Txx Will is already set.  Our friend Tariq will be hosting an official after party for Txx Will in celebration of his upcoming release, Maximum Volume in stores March 15th.   With tons of handbills and dozens of give-aways prepared for the party, this will be party-goers first chance to kick it with the Party King himself and listen to the entire Maximum Volume album– some attendees will even win their very own copy before it hits stores!  The  ‘Let’s Get Crunked Up’ T-Will After Party event on Facebook has attracted several dozens of people (so far) to confirm their attendance in support of the party and with it getting this much momentum within a couple of days prior to the concert itself, it may have you wondering– how big can it get?

Txx Will had this to say:

“I know it’s gonna fun no matter what.  I think it’s gonna be huge!

It’s gonna be a nice event especially after the concert.  Looking forward to it!”

This is a private party with an extensive guest list, however, if you may be considered being added to list for this party.  Leave a comment below and tell us why we should add you to the list!


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