They F*ck You With Cell Phones

Published on August 11th, 2011

You ever felt like you’re getting fucked by the cell phone companies? I mean you go and you buy a damn phone and if you’re lucky, it lasts a few months before the screen breaks or it just stops working. You can’t ever get service when you need it and the bill is always higher than it should be. Then you have ten different taxes in your bill for a phone that you can’t use. Seems like the more you pay the less you get. Then your woman’s always on your case trying to spy on your messages and calls, it’s enough to make a man  go insane. Not to mention when you have to go get a new phone all you can do is hope they can transfer all your contacts. Messed up part about it is most the time you gotta add all your contacts again and it takes forever. Well Txx Will is fed up. Watch as Txx Will shows and says everything you have been thinking and feeling for a long time.  He’s pissed off and he’s not takin it anymore.


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