Spotlight Interview: Vocalist Terrell

Published on November 5th, 2011

Terrell has hit the scene in a major way with his feature on Txx Will’s “Fuck Something” from the album MAXMUM VOLUME. Terrell grew up in Kansas City and graduated from Hickman Mills High School. He started singing in the fourth grade and always had an ear for music. Terrell spent a lot of his time in the church choir, reading music and imitating other artists. After high school he went directly to the marines where he spent two tours in Iraq and another in Japan. When asked how the feature came about Terrell said “Well, my sister overheard Txx Will talking about needing a singer on his song. So, she told him about me and then I got in the studio.” Being in the studio for the first time was very exciting for Terrell, he really enjoyed hearing himself and it was a new adventure. Be looking for Terrell on upcoming projects from Sticky Icky Entertainment in the near future.


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