Partied to the Max at Mac’s Sports Pub

Published on March 10th, 2011

The Sticky Icky Entertainment crew were in the building at Mac’s Sports Pub recently.  Of course, Txx Will was in attendance as the group finished a hard day’s work of passing out promo for the soon to be released album, Maximum Volume, in stores March 15th.  Shaking hands and kissing babies is something that just comes natural to Txx Will and as the promotional activities pick-up, he’s got to find some time to unwind.  The DJ for the evening was Michelle from B Sharp, and as you may remember her showing love for Txx Will when he went to O’shays, she was on the 1s and 2s once again keepin’ the party alive.  Upon entering the party, Txx Will and the Sticky Icky Ent crew had a table waiting for them over by the DJ booth and the crew were pleasantly surprised to hear a couple unreleased tracks from Maximum Volume, “Fuck Something” and “Last Call” were in rotation and getting the response Txx Will had been envisioning all this time.  At the time, Txx Will had downed several cold Bud Lights already, so he was feeling the buzz along with everyone on the dance floor and he could see all the majority of the people reciting the chorus, “I’m tryin to fuck something” as the second chorus of the song progressed.  Trying to keep his composure as he was listening his song being played and the people enjoying it, he couldn’t help but to think how this song could be yet another hit, like, “Let’s Get Fucked Up” was several years ago.  Txx Will remembers

“(When my songs started playing) it reminded me of the beginning stages of ‘Let’s Get Fucked Up’.”

Along with basking in the glory of yet another club hit from the Rogue Dog Villian, Txx Will found himself in a sticky situation after returning from a restroom break:

“I’m sitting at the table with a straw in my beer mug.  I can’t think of how many people have drank from these mugs! I told Keith earlier that night about the straw, and about an hour later, I need to go to the bathroom and told Keith to  ‘watch my mug’ while I’m gone.  A young lady who was a  fan came over to our table while I was in the bathroom and wanted to join our conversation.  When I got back (from the bathroom), this girl had her fingers on my straw!  I tell her that and she says, Listen ‘you’re going to live’.  Then she put her finger in the drink.  She was trying to start a conversation.”

Txx Will admitted, “The girl looked good, but I won’t even let Halle Berry touch my straw!”

Check out some of the photos from the night:



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