‘Maximum Volume’ Hard Copies Have Arrived!

Published on February 24th, 2011

With months and months of preparation, the hard copies of Maximum Volume have officially arrived at Sticky Icky Ent Headquarters.  An excited Txx Will said, “This is exactly how we wanted it,” after he peeled the plastic wrapping off of the jewel case, opened the case and smelled the freshly opened Maximum Volume album.  Txx Will and the Sticky Icky Ent Team still have plenty of work ahead of them, which includes hand-delivering advanced copies for local stores and DJs, and of course, Txx Will has the duty to sign all of these albums for those who have already pre-ordered the album.  Distribution has begun and everyone involved in this album, from Big Scoob to Tech N9ne, from Bakarii to Icy Rock, and several others, will be receiving their copy of Maximum Volume very soon!


Txx Will’s Maximum Volume hits stores March 15th!  Set your alarms, mark your calendars or whatever you need to do to remind yourself for this very important date!  Pre-orders for the Maximum Volume album are now available up until March 14th, so you still have plenty of time to go ahead and pre-order your copy today!


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