“It’s T-Will” Track On MAXIMUM VOLUME [Song]

Published on April 7th, 2011

“When T-Will is in the building, you’re partying with the best” – First line of “It’s T-Will” Song

The third track on the album, “It’s T-Will” is a sure banger on the Maximum Volume release and if you listen to the beat carefully, it may take you down memory lane, too.  The beat resembles the classic Cheryl Lynn “Got to be Real”, except better– with the singer Sonya on the hook.  Txx Will lays down several verses that bounce over the beat and this track is one you could imagine gets the party started.  And it does.  Just try putting on this song at your next house party and see what happens!

Maximum Volume is now available!  Download your copy or purchase a physical CD today!


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