SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Houston Gets Verse On Maximum Volume

Published on March 2nd, 2011

The Kansas City rapper, Houston, got the opportunity he wanted: an appearance on Txx Will’s Maximum Volume album, slated for a March 15th release.  Houston, a name given to him by his mother at birth, is one he feels fortunate to have and associates himself and himself in the rap game as a “strong and powerful” and further adds about his stage name, “Why try to be something else that I’m not, ya know?”  An ambitious writer/rapper had done a few mixtapes and was even featured on the Middle of the Map Compilation 2 Kush Groove CD, before he got the call to hit up the local recording Chapman Recordings to drop a track for “Till I Die”, the 9th track on Maximum Volume.  Upon entering the booth, Houston remembers seeing a few familiar faces, Sticky and Rogue Dog Villians Txx Will and Bakarii in the studio anticipating what he had to offer.  Houston describes the event:

“It was something new.  I knew I just had to do me.   I know this is what I wanted to do for a long time.”

Before this event, Houston vaguely remembers running into Txx Will and Bakarii at a Halloween Party he was promoting back in the day, but this day was extra special being that he was actually working with the Rogue Dog Villians in the studio on the music tip.

Though Houston hadn’t heard the entire Maximum Volume album at the time of this interview, he did mention that he was actually in the studio with Txx Will for 6 of the 11 tracks on the album and said, “Its something Kansas City will appreciate and will do big things if you let it.”

Houston is currently promoting his latest album, IMAGINE, which features a track with Krizz Kaliko.  Houston is currently working on an EP slated to be released this Spring “Drama EP”.   He encourages fans to also check him out on Facebook:


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