Get The Album That Started It All

Published on January 20th, 2012

Check out the album that started it all. The Middle Of The Map.Compilation with many features from artists such as Txx Will, Fatboy Chubb, Rich The Factor and many more. Get a copy of the album now before there’s none left.
Get the “Middle of the Map” Compilation CD! Available while supplies last!

1. KC Clap (Txx Will & Sticky)

2. Money (Fatboy Chubb & D-Coy)

3. KC War Lord (Mr. Stinky)

4. Bread (Hobo Tone, Young Matress & J Mac)

5. Watch How You Move (R.O.B.)

6. This Way (Boy Big & Sliccs)

7. I Can’t Help Myself (Young Kev)

8. Now You Know (Don Juan & Lunatic)

9. My Time (Bakarii & Mel Da Poppa)

10. Get Ya Money (Rich The Factor, Fatboy Chubb & Filthy Fattz)

11. I’m A Hustler (Finesse)

12. Killa City (Dough Boy & 2oon)

13. Blow Dro (Aliaz)

14. M.O.B. Boy (Slopp Da Gambla & D-Locc)

15. Unstoppable (Riv Locc)

16. KCMO (Abaleanie)

17. Areas Code (G3MZ)

18. Holla Back (The Popper)

19. Patience (Sticky)


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