“Get Em Up” Track On Maximum Volume

Published on March 22nd, 2011

With the recent release of Maximum Volume creating such the buzz on the net, we want to take some time to highlight some of the greatest tracks from this album.  “Get Em Up”, the first track on the album, is one of most memorable tracks that you’ll hear.

“Get Em Up” starts with an intro by Tech N9ne as Tech introduces his homies Txx Will and Big Scoob.  Of course, Big Scoob is featured on the track, too, and boy does Scoob go hard on this one!  Big Scoob’s 16-bars verse is one of the hardest verses ever, and certainly one of the most impressive coming from the “Homie from the Show-Me”.  Of course, Txx Will rips it up with his verse, but that’s to be expected– afterall, it is his solo album and Txx Will did not disappoint on this one.  Txx Will’s ferocious bark on this song sets the tone for what will be heard on the remainder of the 11-tracks album.  The intro by Tech N9ne at the beginning of the song also foreshadows what to be followed being that it is one of three songs featuring The N9na.

Big Scoob has his forthcoming album, Damn Fool, now available for pre-order and Tech N9ne is preparing for the release of his most highly anticipated album of his career, All 6s and 7s, to drop later this year.  Even with the all the excitement surrounding these guys as they continue to succeed in their solo careers, it’s nice to be able to listen to the Rogue Dog Villians join forces again as they did in “Get Em Up”.

Maximum Volume is now available!  Download your copy or purchase a physical CD today!



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