FEATURE INTERVIEW | Bakarii Talks On Working With Txx Will And His Success In Music Career

Published on February 12th, 2011

Txx Will and Bakarii have been friends for a while now.  Together they were a part of the rap group Rogue Dog Villians that had a presence that was felt in the early 90’s and still continues to resonate as one of the most well-known rap groups from Kansas City still today.  So when Txx Will approached Bakarii about using a hook while the two were cruising around town, Txx Will explains the moment:

“‘Last Call’ was a concept that he came up with Rogue Dog Villians but it never got used. I asked what he was going to do with it. And he said, ‘Go ahead and use it, but the hook ain’t all the way finished, so you got to finish it’. I said, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna come up with something’.”

When asked what Bakarii thought of “Last Call” and Txx Will’s upcoming album release, Maximum Volume, Bakarii said,

“Its still got that same flavor if you like that Rogue Dogs, if you like that Highlands shit.  Will really took charge of this on his own for real.  A lot of this stuff is all Will– all his ideas.  It’s fun to hear Will be Will, you know.”

Bakarii doesn’t need an introduction.  Ever heard of the song he’s featured on called “Mitch Bade”?  Ever heard of the rap group: Rogue Dog Villians (RDVs)?  Bakarii came-up with that name: “Rogue Dog Villians”.  And he’s been grinding in the rap game ever since.

Bakarii has had several aliases over his career: Macavillian, Juggernaut, Mr. Whitebear, and Bakarii, to name a few.  Each name has their own meaning.  This is what the names mean to him:

Macavillian= the side for mackin’ ladies

Juggernaut= stomping over my opponents or the competition

Mr Whitebear= grown ass man

Bakarii= all of them wrapped into one

All of them equal one; “Bakarii” is what fans know him by.    Throughout the years Bakarii has found himself in some interesting situations, which at times turned into big moves for his music career.  Since his early years in junior high, Bakarii had been writing rhymes and cultivated an audience that always wanted to hear what he had to say.   Txx Will said it best, “If you need a fresh idea, Bakarii probably got a million of them all at one time.”

Bakarii is from Kansas City, MO and since the third grade, he was hanging out with Txx Will, Tech N9ne and later, Big Scoob (met in the 7th grade), not knowing that later in life, they would be contributing verses for each others’ music projects.  Bakarii remembers him and Tech N9ne were first rapping verses from Eazy E mixtapes and that soon manifested into them writing their own rhymes.  Even before that, Bakarii was a dancer.  What started out as beatboxing and breakdancing with the kids from the block, soon became real opportunities to get their music and rhymes heard by the masses.  In 1991 Bakarii received a phone call from his brother, Swoop Richard Whitebear, and he encouraged Bakarii to move to the westcoast to explore more opportunities with his music talent.  His bro worked as a back-up dancer for MC Hammer at the time and lived in LA.  Bakarii did make the move to the westcoast, but it was short-lived and soon moved back to Kansas City to connect first with Black Walt, and then Don Juan with MidWestside Records who would help Bakarii produce his first hit on the radio, “Kansas City Missouri”.  In 1995, the “Kansas City Missouri” track was requested/”pumped” by listeners so much on the KPRS radio show, Pump It or Dump It?, that the song still remains one of the radio show’s most-requested songs and at that time drew a lot of attention to his label’s latest release, Triple Life tape, and that simultaneously made more of a name for him in the streets.  It had been the first time since the rise of Shorty Mack that someone from the neighborhood had been doing it like that on the music tip.  Soon after the Triple Life tape release, Diamond from MidWestside Records brought Bakarii to join with Txx Will, Big Scoob and Short Nitty to form a rap group— soon the Rogue Dog Villians (RDVs) were born.  The RDVs later split from their deal with MidWestside records and produced several albums  and classic radio hits on their own.  The Rogue Dog Villians as Bakarii said, “Were on a mission to become the NWA of the Midwest”.  With hits like, “Let’s Get Fucked Up” still circulating in clubs today, it’s safe to say that the group has made their imprint and are still on their way.  Bakarii got even more notoriety when Don Juan and Diamond called because of Tech N9ne’s hook on “Mitchel Bade”.  Bakarii laid his verse down on the track at BRC recording studio and recalls it soon became an “instant hit” after Bakarii and Tech performed the song at Deon Sanders club in Dallas, TX.

Success has followed Bakarii and his partners from back in the day: Txx Will, Tech N9ne, Big Scoob and several others.  When asked what it feels like to all have reached a certain level of success in their music careers Barkaii describes it:

“It feels good.  I feel proud of us.  Very few people get the chance to live a portion of their dream.  And then a lot of people don’t even have the balls to attack their dream.  We attacked our dreams and this is what it is.  It’s all love.”

“I create better without the beat.  I write whatever comes out. That’s the thing about rap– you can be what you want to be,when you want to be it.”

Bakarii is still at it.  Even during the interview for this article, Bakarii was in the studio recording.  When asked what keeps him going back in the studio after all these years, he credits the fans.  The fans he meets on the streets keep him back in the studio.  Bakarii is currently working on his solo project and putting the final touches to Bakarii Presents Mr. Whitebear.

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    You talented wizards of rap have always had my prayers of success,I love to beat down the street to them R.D.V. beats. how can I support your cause! Inform me how to buy them old RDV. CD’S and txxwills new releases!! People always steal my old RDV. CD’S. gONNA PUT THEM ON LOCK THIS TIME!!!


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