“F*ck Something” Track On MAXIMUM VOLUME

Published on November 20th, 2011

Who said Txx Will’s latest release, Maximum Volume, doesn’t have hits? Practically the entire album goes and the fourth track on the album “F*ck Something” is certainly one to include in your playlist. This track is an example of Txx Will’s versatility with his rhymes as he puts you right in the middle of the dance floor for you to contemplate his next move. With a chorus sang by Terrell, we bet you $100 that by the second time the chorus comes in, you’ll be saying “I’m tryin to f*ck something”, too. The very direct chorus leaves no room for misinterpretation– this song is for the clubs. Apparently, several DJs have felt the same way about the song. On a couple occasions, Txx Will has heard the song being played at local venues and the crowds can’t get enough from the Party King! But don’t just take our opinion, listen to the song for yourself and tell us it doesn’t have “Classic” written all over it. Txx Will has done it again; congrats to the man for another club hit! Remember to call in to your local radio station (especially, Hot 103.3 Jamz if you’re in Kansas City!) and request the edited version, “Cut Something”!

Maximum Volume is now available! Download your copy or purchase a physical CD today!


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