Fans In Columbia, MO Show Their Support For MAXIMUM VOLUME

Published on March 15th, 2011

Everybody knows Columbia is off the chain!  What we didn’t know is how many Txx Will fans were from COMO!!

After a warm welcoming at the Tech N9ne show— in case you missed it, Tech N9ne invited Txx Will on stage during the concert to pump up Txx Will’s new album– the party only began as Txx Will, Bizz Gotti and the Sticky Icky Entertainment crew rolled on to the Txx Will afterparty!  Appropriately called “‘Let’s Get Crunked Up’ After Party”, our homie Tariq hosted a nice party that was well-suited for the Party King, Txx Will to hang loose. Bizz Gotti went to twitter to give his take on the party:

Man, there were some good-looking women at that event and the dudes were cool, too.  With party-goers going hard on the Beer Pong and taking down gulps from the the Beer Bong, this was the spot to be at on that night and by 1am the party was already alive and the premiere of Txx Will’s “Last Call” music video hit the big screen.  As soon as the down-beat hit, party-goers gathered around the big screen tv to see what all the commotion was about.  By the time the second chorus hit (…”Last Call for the alcohol…I need to go get a drink!”), the living room turned into a dance floor with heads banging and cups in the air!  “Grinding” and woman-on-woman “grinding” is saying it nicely– let’s put it this way: the party was wild.

During the night, Txx Will met a lot of cool people and mentioned he had a blast at the event.  Along with signing autographs and taking pictures, Txx Will said he enjoyed talking with yall and letting you know more about his Maximum Volume album release.  Txx Will promises to stop-by Columbia again in the near future and there are even talks about a mid-April event in COMO, too!  During the night, the photographers took some pics.  Check out the gallery below and feel free to tag your friends on Facebook.

Maximum Volume is now available for download on iTunes and you can purchase a physical copy of the release here!


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