Feature Interview | Sundae Speaks On Her Latest Track With Txx Will & How She Got Started In The Rap Game

Published on January 29th, 2011

“You got to love her man.  She’s like a little ball of fuckin’ hell.  If you made a Tupac in a women’s version, that would be her.”

– Txx Will

Txx Will reached out to Sundae for a verse on his track, “Hustlers Theme”, from his upcoming CD release and she accepted.  Since back in the day (“10 years +”) Sundae and Txx Will have shared a passion for making hits in the studio and have collaborated on several tracks, including “Gutter Living”  and  “Thong Thizzle” and the two rappers have kept in touch over the years, despite both of their busy schedules.  Sundae is a rapper and one of the illest rappers in the game right now.  Txx Will adds, “She’s one of the dopest artists I’ve ever worked with, for real.  She doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.  I think she can hold her own with any female rap artist past or present.”

Sundae took the time out of her busy schedule from filming a movie in the ATL to sit and chat with us about her music career and her experience working with Txx Will.    The “Hustlers Theme” is one of the must-listens on the Maximum Volume album.  The song features Sundae, Lejo, and Legion and is one of those jams you could imagine hearing at the dance club, but probably never will.  Sundae goes in hard on her verse as only she can do and spits something like:

Know what your price be,

Sundae, she’s so icy,

Tight jeans and a wife beater,

Holdin’ that chrome but nine meter,

Heard you don’t like me,

My wrist wrapped in ice pink,

My lips clap like 4 4 hollow,

Bet I get you off me…

“My name is Sundae.  It’s not my stripper name.  It’s my real name.”

It was already apparent by the time Sundae moved to Kansas City that she had aspirations for being a star  entertainer.  Even before Txx Will met her for the first time, he had heard of her and knew that she was already making her way in the independent hip hop scene.  What started with Sundae impressing her peers with her lyrical abilities soon became invitations to the studio and rubbing elbows with some of the elite MCs in hip hop. Sundae has contributed verses for the likes of Mac Mall, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Big Syke, and many many more.  Since the beginning of her career, after moving to Kansas City, Sundae was hanging out with the local rap group Rogue Dog Vilians.  When she wasn’t in the studio, she was kickin’ it with her homies from the block– a lot– and she became very good friends with the members of the RDVs– so much so, Txx Will explains, “She was the closest to becoming a RDV member.  She could definitely be a Rogue Dog, too.”  Sundae confirmed, “I have the potential to be a Rogue Dog Villian.  I am a little roguish.”  That’s Sundae.  She’s roguish.  She’s that “QuickToClickBitch,” as Txx Will mentioned jokingly– but Sundae agrees wholeheartedly and emphasizes it’s spelled out as one word.

She spent her days writing her life.  Remembering her days as a child, she recalled the days her father, Greg Austin who ran a successful production company, would invite special guests over to her house including members of The Temptations so being amongst the stars was something Sundae had already been accustomed to and she longed for the opportunity to one day prove her own talent to the world.  She has always had a talent for her music abilities and her father recognized this talent in her, too.  Through her father’s connections, Sundae’s demo got passed to Joe Jackson (yes, the Joe Jackson) which sparked his interest in working with Sundae on a professional level.  Sundae politely declined Mr. Jackson’s deal– a deal that would’ve sent her to tour Europe with Janet Jackson at the time, but in 2005, Sundae found Leila Steinberg (Tupac’s former manager), as the person who would help build her career.  Serving as Sundae’s manager still today, Sundae credits Leila as being a mentor to her in the rap game and at life in general.  Whenever they can, Leila takes Sundae along with her to visit inmates in prison through Leila’s non-profit organization, AIM.  For Sundae– its a way to give back to the community and participate in charity work, but for the people she works with, Sundae serves as an inspiration.

Sundae considers herself a “conscious writer” and when she’s ready, she goes straight in to the verse.  Once you listen to “Hustler’s Theme”, you’ll see what I mean.  It’s been years since Sundae and Txx Will have collaborated on a track and yet it seems they haven’t skipped a beat– both figuratively and literally.  The chemistry seems to be just right for this song with all the featured artists and as Sundae added, “I’ve always wanted to do a track with Lejo and glad it finally happened.”  When asked about working with Txx Will in the studio Sundae said, “Working with Txx Will is always fun.  Txx Will is a jokester.  He’s always the clown. He’s the Party King.”

Sundae is currently working in the studio recording several new projects, including, her solo project “Sundae Paper”, a collaborative project called “Thelma and Loise” and will be releasing a free mixtape that will hit the web this Summer.

Listen to “Hustler’s Theme” and other great tracks from Txx Will’s upcoming CD release, Maximum Volume.  In stores March 15th and now available for pre-order by clicking here.

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